France contest Kite Boardercross

Stage 1 / Saint Pierre la Mer (aude – 11) / from the 10th to the 13th of april 2015

From the 10th to the 13th of april 2015, appointment at Saint Pierre la Mer (aude – 11) for the KBC Tour 2015, the french contest kite boardercross.

This competition will be done in parallel with the 11th european junior cup of kitesurf freestyle.

SNK association and French federation of free flight have been partners to organize the first french contest of Kite Boardercross 2015. This new discipline was developped 4 years ago at St Pierre la Mer and permit to assemble pro and amateur riders.

This contest is open for everyone. Number of participants is restricted to 32 riders in each category.

To summarize principle of the contest : you need to know how to jump, ride upwind, passing obstacles and know take a start between 2 buoys. The first who arrived between the 2 buoys win the round !